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He is not an easy artist to classify in any particular art style, although his art is clearly from our time. From his beginnings he never felt obliged to adhere to any artistic doctrine or tendency. He is a contemporary soul,observer of the world, mankind and its relationships.This also corresponds to his exhaustive study of world religions. His many interests, I would say, have come about from living in different parts of the globe.

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El Bosque De Las Mujeres Olvidadas

El Bosque De Las Mujeres Olvidadas en La Neomudéjar
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19/01/2022 – 13/03/2022
Wednesday to Sunday
11:00 – 15:00 || 17:00 – 21:00
Museo La Neomudéjar
Calle de Antonio Nebrija, S/N, 28007 Madrid

Libro Cuarentena

32 x 25 cm. hardcover, 100 pages, 40 drawings, 3 critical texts, 4 poems. First limited edition of 400 signed and numbered copies.

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